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Down 羽絨

Forty years of experience of high quality down

We have worked with down as an insulation for more than 40 years and we only use down that meets the highest quality standards. This means that a Fjällräven down jacket or sleeping bag offers an unbeatable ability to insulate in relation to its low weight. You will also notice how well our down products can be compressed to take up minimal space in your pack. When you buy a down product, you should primarily check to make sure it has a high CUIN and a good blend of down and feathers. You can read more below about what this actually means.

Fill Power/CUIN

High quality down products are often rated on their "fill power". Fill power is a measurement of buoyancy or "fluffiness". It measures how much of one cubic inch is taken up by one ounce (27.3 grams) of down. This is called CUIN (cubic inch per ounce) or fill power. The higher the value the better the insulation.

A down product with a higher fill power weighs less and is more compressible than a similarly warm product made with a lower quality of down. Fill power of 400–450 is considered to be average quality, 500–550 good, 550–750 very good and 750+ excellent. Many of our down products have a fill power over 600.

Mix of Down and Feathers

Another factor that determines the features of the down jacket, sleeping bag or other garments is the blend of down and feathers. Down binds more air than feathers and also offers better insulation. The higher the percent of down, the higher the insulation properties given the same weight. A decommonion of "90/10" means that 100 grams of padding consists of 90 grams of down.

Down"s main features: Down is a natural product but it still offers the best insulation on the market. It is also extremely lightweight, and garments made from down can often be compressed to take up little space in the pack.

The down"s origins

The high-quality down that we use in our garments and equipment comes from the food industry and is tested according to American standards. We only use one down supplier, with whom we have a close and active relationship throughout the production process. Our supplier has signed our code of conduct, which for example regulates animal protection, as well as an agreement that prohibits down being plucked from living birds. We monitor our down process regularly, through both pre-arranged and unannounced visits by Fjällräven"s quality assurance team.





具有較高填充量的羽絨產品比羽絨質量較低的類似保暖產品重量更輕並且更可壓縮。 400-450的填充量被認為是一般質量,500-550良好,550-750非常好,750 +優秀。許多我們的羽絨產品的填充量超過600。


決定羽絨外套,睡袋或其他服裝特徵的另一個因素是羽絨和羽毛的混合。羽絨比羽毛更能鎖住空氣,同時提供更好的保暖效果。羽絨百分比越高,在相同重量下保暖性能越高。 “90/10”“的描述代表著100克填充物由90克羽絨組成。

羽絨的主要特點: 羽絨是一種天然產品,但它仍然在市場上提供最好的保暖材料。它也非常輕量,並且由羽絨製成的服裝通常可以被壓縮以佔據包裝中的小空間。



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