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Social responsibility 社會責任

Contributing towards a better world

Fjällräven has a responsibility for, and also an interest in, strengthening development in the countries and communities we are active in. Our initiatives take many forms, from us trying to contribute to improving the living conditions of those who produce our products, to organising different types of projects to strengthen interest in outdoor life and the natural environment. We are also involved in philanthropic initiatives where we support needy children and families in Eastern Europe by supplying them with warm winter clothing.

Fair production and cooperation for improved living conditions

We believe that the people who make our products have the right to a good quality of life. Our ambition is that they will also be proud of and satisfied with their work. To contribute towards better working conditions, we take part in ongoing discussions with both internal and external parties, and we work closely with our suppliers to develop long-term, sustainable production relationships.

Spark and maintain an interest in the outdoors

We are convinced that if more people spend time in nature, more people will advocate its protection and conservation. This is why we have worked for many years to help more people discover how fantastic outdoor life can be.

It is our hope that more people will form a strong and positive relationship with outdoor life by experiencing it in person, instead of just watching programmes about it on TV or reading about it in books. This is why we organise events such as Fjällräven Classic and Fjällräven Polar. We believe that these activities contribute to a better society in several ways – in addition to increasing people"s respect for nature, they also improve health and quality of life.







我們希望鼓勵更多人不要只是從電視上或書裡獲得大自然的知識,而是親身去體驗,藉此與大自然建立密不可分的良好關係,這正是我們舉辦Fjällräven Classic 行山and Fjällräven Polar 極地穿越這類活動的初衷。我們相信這些活動可以多方面促進社會進步,不僅可以提升人類對自然的尊重,也有助於促進健康和提高生活品質。

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