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Wicks away moist and keeps you dry

Windproof and waterproof clothing in Hydratic® wicks away perspiration, to reduce the risk you will become damp from your sweat, while still keeping out rain and moisture.

Our Hydratic garments protect from the wind, water and snow at the same time as they release as much body steam as possible (a property that many refer to as “breathing”). Hydratic has small, microscopic pores that are thousands of times smaller than a drop of water but hundreds of times larger than steam, which means that it releases moisture. This is how Hydratic clothing is waterproof without you getting sweaty.


Waterproofness is measured in water columns and the textiles are tested to determine how much pressure they can withstand before they start to leak. The higher the water column, the more pressure the fabric can withstand. A water column of 1,000 millimeters is technically considered to be waterproof, but this is not even close to sufficient for outdoor activities. Out in nature, pressure is often higher than that, for example when you are on your knees on wet ground.

This is why we developed Hydratic to withstand pressure of 10,000 – 20,000 millimetres. This means that you will stay dry during the most extreme and steady downpours. Regardless of whether you are walking, kneeling or sitting down.


You have probably experienced the wind chill cooling phenomenon at some point. This is the shiver that runs through your body when the wind picks up. It is mainly common when you are in areas with extremely cold climates or high altitudes. To decrease the risk that you will become chilled, Hydratic helps keep the wind out, which would otherwise draw heat away from your body. Instead of turning back, you can continue on your adventure.

Ventilation (“Breathability”)

Breathability is measured by the number of grams of water a square meter of fabric lets out in 24 hours. Hydratic releases between 8, 000 and 15, 000 grams. The higher the number, the more moisture that is let out. In order to release the largest amount of steam possible, you will find a number of smart functions in our Hydratic garments. For example, there are ventilation openings in the armpits, mesh pockets and a chimney collar.


In order to withstand active outdoor use, our Hydratic garments go through the same difficult tests as our G-1000 fabric. In addition to test groups, Hydratic garments are tested for wear using the Martindale test. In this test, the material is rubbed in a test machine again and again at high pressure. This test continues uninterrupted for hours or, in the case of G-1000, days. We record when the fabric finally tears and compare it to how many years of active use it corresponds to. We are proud that Hydratic belongs to one of the outdoor world’s more durable membranes.





防水性是以水柱壓力來測量,布料經過測試之後,開始滲漏時所承受的水壓即為其防水係數。水柱值越高,布料的耐水壓性越好。水壓達1000 mm即可聲稱防水,但是這種等級對於戶外運動還是不夠力。大自然裡的壓力往往高過於此,舉例來說,跪在潮濕地面所承受的水壓就不止這樣。

因此我們研發出Hydratic布料,可承受10,000到20,000 mm的水壓,即使在最嚴重、持續不斷的滂沱大雨中,也可以保持乾燥,不管是走路、跪地或坐下都不用擔心。







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