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Supreme Microloft

Durable and insulating synthetic padding

Supreme Microloft is Fjällräven"s own insulation material and one of the leading synthetic paddings for outdoor products. The combination of thin and slightly thicker microfibres produces a fluffy material that fills the garment or sleeping bag with an insulating layer of air.

Just like other synthetic paddings, Supreme Microloft can withstand an amount of moisture without its insulating capacity being significantly impaired. This makes Supreme Microloft an excellent choice for a wide range of outdoor activities all year round – particularly in environments where the jacket or sleeping bag is exposed to rain, splashes or condensation, or in climates where the precipitation alternates between rain and snow.

Supreme Microloft does not provide the same warmth as down (if you compare a product with the same amount of padding of each material) and takes up a little more space when packed up. However, the synthetic fibres are more durable and retain their fluffiness better after compression and extended use. Supreme Microloft is also easy to wash and dry.


Supreme Microloft是Fjällräven專利的保暖材質,也是戶外用品界頂尖的合成填充物料之一。它混合了粗、幼兩種超細纖維,創造出蓬鬆的質感,被填充於服飾或睡袋形成保暖的空氣層。

Supreme Microloft如同其他合成填充物料一樣,可承受一定的濕氣而不會大幅減低其保暖度,因此被廣泛應用於一年四季的戶外活動用品,尤其是外套或睡袋可能會接觸雨水、潑水或凝水的環境,或者時雨時雪的氣候環境。

Supreme Microloft的保暖度不如羽絨(以相同重量的填充物來做比較),收納時也比較佔空間。然而這種合成纖維的持久度高,經過重壓和長時間使用仍能保持一定的蓬鬆度,而且容易清洗、乾燥。

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