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G-Loft® Supreme

Lightweight and insulating, even in wet conditions

G-Loft Supreme is Fjällräven’s new synthetic padding with an exceptionally high insulating capacity, even in wet conditions. The material was developed exclusively for Fjällräven by insulation experts at Goldeck Textil in Austria.

The unique blend of hollow and super-thin polyester fibres – 10 per cent of which is recycled polyester – has a natural, “cluster”-forming ability, just like high-quality down, which means it creates lots of small air pockets that insulate the wearer against the cold. The molecular structure of the fibres provides a “memory effect”, meaning that they automatically return to their original fluffy spiral form after compression. This ability to recover persists even after repeated washes and long-term use. It is the blend of recycled polyester, which is slightly more rigid than natural fibres, which gives the material its unique springiness.

G-Loft Supreme is also quick-drying, ventilated, very compressible and easy to wash.

Fjällräven uses G-Loft Supreme in products that need to be both very insulating and extremely water resistant – e.g. for hiking or canoeing – as well as lightweight and easy to stow in a backpack etc.


G-Loft Supreme是Fjällräven創新的合成填充物料,具有極高的保暖度,甚至不受潮濕環境影響。G-Loft Supreme是奧地利的保暖專家Goldeck Textil特別為Fjällräven所研發的材質。


G-Loft Supreme也是快乾、透氣、壓縮性高、容易清洗的材質。

Fjällräven將G-Loft Supreme運用在需要兼具高度保暖性和超強抗潑水性的產品上,例如行山或泛舟用品,同時也要輕量,容易收納於背囊。

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