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Simultaneous spinning and dyeing – saving water, chemicals and energy

Traditional textile dyeing is done by immersing fabric in a dye bath, rinsing it and then drying it. With SpinDye® the pigments are instead added to the spinning solution before it is extruded through the spinneret to become fibers for fabric weaving.

Through this process, the color pigments become a part of the fiber and the SpinDye® fabric gains excellent colour fastness that stands up to light, washing, rubbing, per-spiration – even bleach.

The environmental benefits are the most important reason behind Fjällräven using SpinDye® fabrics in our collection. But better colorfastness in combination with less chemical waste and the reduced use of water makes SpinDye® a great choice also on behalf of our superior quality standards.

These are the reductions with SpinDye® recycled pet, when compared to virgin polyester with tradition dyeing.

  • 75% less water
  • 67% less chemicals
  • 39% less energy
  • 20% lower carbon footprint

It’s been used for decades and has won the hearts of people all over the world without changing its timeless design. But now a new version of Kånken is being released.

”We challenged ourselves to make a version of Kånken that would have as little environmental footprint as possible”. Head of Design, Henrik Andersson, explains the design story behind the making of Re-Kånken.

同時紡紗和染色 - 節約用水,化學品和能源


通過這個過程,有色顏料成為纖維的一部分,SpinDye®面料具有出色的色牢度,可以經受光,洗滌,摩擦,每次噴射 - 甚至漂白。



  • 減少75%的用水量
  • 化學品減少67%
  • 節能39%
  • 碳足跡減少20%

它已經使用了幾十年,並且在不改變其永恆設計的情況下贏得了全世界人民的心。但現在新版本的Kånken正在發布 - Re-Kånken。

” 我們挑戰自己製作一個盡可能減少對環境造成影響的Kånken版本”。設計總監Henrik Andersson解釋了Re-Kånken製作背後的設計故事。

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