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Fjällräven Samlaren

New adventures for leftover fabrics

"Samlaren" means "Gatherer" in Swedish and is the name we"ve given our limited collection of clothes and equipment created with leftover fabrics from our mills and factories. A collection with new colour combinations, classic designs and the same high levels of functionality and reliability you"ve come to expect from all Fjällräven products.


Samlaren Collection

Limited Leftovers = Limited Collection

Our regular production processes do not result in endless amounts of leftover materials. This is a good thing. And the reason Samlaren is a limited collection. In the future, we aim to become so efficient that there are no leftover materials at all. Until then, Samlaren can put those materials to good use.



Fjällräven Heritage

In 1964, our founder, Åke Nordin, stowed away a roll of fabric that didn’t make the cut during the development of his groundbreaking Thermo Tent. A few years later, the very same roll of fabric was used to make the first legendary Greenland Jacket. Not letting resources go to waste has been our way of working ever since.


1964年,創始人Åke Nordin將原用於研發帳篷卻未達標準的一捆布料存放起來。沒想到幾年後,這捆布料搖身一變成為Fjällräven第一款傳奇商品Greenland Jacket。自那時起,資源不浪費一直是我們的行事風格。

Your Turn

Your Samlaren product is developed and designed to last for many years. Use it often and long, fill it with great outdoor memories and future adventures. That"s when those leftover materials truly come to good use. And that’s sustainability at its best. See you out there!



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