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/Henrik Andersson – Global Creative Director(全球創意總監)/

How would you describe Samlaren?

It’s an idea and a product initiative to use waste and leftovers from production, and turn it into functional and valuable equipment.



What is the idea behind Samlaren?

The idea is to turn a problem into an opportunity and find new use for leftover material. I like the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and with Samlaren we are turning our own “trash” into treasured pieces.



What was the starting point?

Firstly, our production unit had stock levels of fabrics that could not be used in the normal run of productions, this due to variation in color, limited quantities or similar. We really wanted to find use for these fabrics. Secondly, the Samlaren name and logo scribbled in a notebook, that became the starting point for the concept.



How does the concept differ from your core collections?

It is completely designed around what fabrics and colors we have in stock, in other words we start with what we have, not what we’d want, and then try to be as clever as possible when putting the fabrics together. For some fabrics we have very small quantities meaning the production run will be very limited. The process is both simple and complex at the same time, a little challenging but very rewarding.



How does the concept manifest Fjällräven’s heritage of innovation?

I would say that it’s a manifestation of having a pragmatic approach to resources, using what we have in the best way we can. I also hope Samlaren will resonate with our customers on a more emotional level with products that grow in perceived value over time.



Does the product offer the same high level of quality and performance as the main collection?

Yes, the products are constructed to the same high standards as the main collection, we are not sacrificing any quality or durability in these products. For the first Samlaren

product drop we have focused on products suitable for an everyday outdoor scenario, depending on what fabrics we will have in stock, we could potentially add products with more specific performance attributes in the future.



How would you describe the first product drop?

I think the first drop is a nice blend between classic products and constructions, and a playfulness in piecing them together. More than describing it a lot myself though, I have enjoyed listening to others describing the products and I’m looking forward to introducing Samlaren to a wider community.



How do you envision this concept developing over time?

The long term vision is actually to eliminate the need for this concept to start with, by minimizing waste and leftover fabrics in the production. This may however take some time so in the meanwhile we will use Samlaren as a way to turn hard-to-use leftovers into want-to-use products.



Who is the Samlaren customer?

I don’t know, hopefully diverse. Some will get attracted first by the colors, or adapted functionalities, others will identify with the way that the products came together. Hopefully each garment or backpack, can be part of a life with nature. I also hope Samlaren as a concept will help spur thoughts and discussion on the topic of sustainability, that would be fantastic!



How often will you release new products?

We are reviewing the stock levels on leftover fabrics regularly, and will launch products somewhat frequently, maybe once a year. But it may be more or less frequent, depending on both what leftover fabrics get stocked, and how we can work with them.



The first drop of Samlaren products will be available on Fjällräven E-Com, Fjällräven Brand Stores and at selected retailers.

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