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Different types of treks place different requirements on your equipment. For simpler terrain, a pair of comfortable, supportive shoes and a day pack are sufficient. If you are heading further out into the mountains and plan to be out for several days, you need much more reliable equipment. A stable backpack with a good support system, a tent that can withstand all types of weather and boots that provide support. For example. But as important as it may be to have good equipment, it is just as important that you are familiar with how to use the equipment. Take your camping stove with you on a weekend excursion and pitch your tent on a windy day. This will make a big difference when you are later out in the mountains.

One important part of your preparations is to choose items that you will really need and leave the “good to have” items at home. If you feel like you appreciate a higher standard of comfort or if you do not have all the equipment you need or do not know how to use your equipment, it can be a good idea to stay in a cabin or mountain station and take shorter day treks from there.



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