Tencel® lyocell 天絲棉

A natural and renewable fibre

Using Tencel® in Fjällräven’s clothing collection is yet another piece in the puzzle for our long-term environmental work regarding material choice. Tencel® is a material from Lenzing Fibers and the brand name of a fibre that is also called lyocell. It is a natural material that is made from the cellulose of fast-growing trees, primarily eucalyptus and beech. In other words, the raw material is that same as that of viscose, but the manufacturing process is gentler on the environment.

From tree to textile in a closed system

In order to be able to extract the cellulose fibre from the raw material, a safe and biologically decomposable chemical substance is used and taken care of in a closed system. A total of 99.5 percent of the solution is recycled and reused, the rest is broken down in biological sewage treatment plants.

This closed manufacturing process is the reason behind Tencel® being awarded with "The European Award for the Environment” by the EU. The material is also eco-labelled with the EU Ecolabel (previously called the EU Flower).

While Tencel® lyocell arguably is an environmentally sound viscose fabric, we continuously monitor the developments in this particular area to ensure that we always have the most sustainable alternative in our product range.

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我們的長遠環保計畫涵蓋許多環節,其中在材質的選擇上,有一種方法就是使用天絲棉。天絲棉是Lenzing Fibers公司所研發出來的一種材質,經常也以品牌名稱lyocell稱之。天絲棉是用生長快速的樹種的纖維素所製成,主要是尤加利樹和山毛櫸。換句話說,它的原料和嫘縈是一樣的,但是生產過程更不傷害環境。



這套封閉式的生產工序為天絲棉贏得歐盟的「環保歐洲獎」(European Award for the Environment),這種材質同時也取得了歐盟環保標章(EU Ecolabel,前稱為EU Flower)。


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