Recycled Polyester 再生聚酯纖維

Recycling saves the world’s resources

Polyester is one of the most used fibres in the world. It is durable and has excellent properties in the outdoors. However, polyester is unfortunately made from a non-renewable resource; oil. This is one of the reasons why we use recycled polyester in many of our products, such as our Eco-Shell shell garments. Our goal is that, within the near future, all the polyester used in our products will be both recycled and recyclable.

Fjällräven was fast to join the recycling project Eco Circle™. This revolutionary process allows garments to be recycled again and again in an environmentally-conscious loop system, without reducing fibre quality at all.

Several environmental advantages

There is a number of environmental advantages with recycled polyester. Firstly, we reduce the consumption of oil, which is a limited resource. There is also less energy consumed in the production of garments using recycled material, and there are fewer green-house gases released into the atmosphere, and a reduced need for chemicals in the process. By recycling we also reduce the amount of refuse we produce and the harmful smoke resulting from it being burnt.

Together with others within our branch we are working on developing recycling channels, so that in the future it will be even easier to recycle worn-out outdoor garments and equipment.