Organic Cotton 有機棉

More organically-grown cotton in our clothing

Cotton is one of the world’s most sprayed crops, and fertilisers and pesticides are harmful to people, animals and nature. Early on, Fjällräven began looking for alternatives and already in 1994 we launched a special organic line of cotton tricot garments marked with a green arctic fox. Now all our cotton t-shirts have been made from organic cotton for many years and we are continuously increasing the amount of organic cotton used in our equipment, without this compromising our demands on durability.

Equally high functionality demands

Only a small amount of cotton is grown organically and availability of the raw material has varied. The quality of organic cotton has also varied, but today we can acquire a larger amount of organic cotton that has the fibre length required for even our most durable equipment.

From this long-fibred organic cotton, blended with recycled polyester, we make G-1000 Eco, our “green” version of the tried and tested durable G-1000 fabric. It is worth mentioning that G-1000 in all its versions is an environmentally smart choice thanks to its long lifespan. To this, G-1000 Eco adds an extra benefit for the environment.

Water consumption – a reason to look for alternatives

Cotton farming requires a lot of water, something that unfortunately also applies to organic methods. This is a drawback as cotton is grown in climates where access to water is often limited.

Water consumption is one argument for replacing cotton with other materials where this is possible. This is one of the reasons – in addition to functionality – behind us also producing clothing in lyocell/tencel©, viscose made from bamboo, hemp, linen etc.





我們用這種長纖維有機棉與再生的聚脂纖維混紡,創造出G-1000 Eco這種布料,是已被證實耐用的G-1000布料的「環保」版本。值得一提的是,G-1000的使用壽命很長,因此不管哪一種G-1000都是環保的聰明選擇,G-1000 Eco算是錦上添花,對環境更有益。