Greenland Wax

Beeswax and paraffin for proven impregnation

Greenland Wax is the impregnation that is used for all of Fjällräven’s G-1000 products. The wax has been produced since the late 1960s by the same Swedish family business. The recipe is secret but the ingredients are simple: pure paraffin and high-quality beeswax. This makes Greenland Wax a more environmentally friendly alternative than chemical-based impregnation products.

In addition to the wax making the product wind and water resistant, it also increases durability and extends the life of the G-1000 fabric.

No chemical additives

Paraffin is an oil-based product. It is not dangerous to use and does not irritate the skin – instead it has a softening effect and helps the skin maintain its moisture and elasticity. Paraffin is used in skin care products, cosmetics and the physiotherapeutic treatment of, for example, arthritis. Beeswax is completely natural; it comes from bee farms and is a by-product of honey production.

Produced by hand

It is no exaggeration to say that Greenland Wax is a pure handicraft. The paraffin is melted in a large pot (which is the same pot that has been used since the 1960s). When the paraffin has reached the right temperature, blocks of beeswax are added and everything is mixed together. The mixture is then poured into moulds and allowed to set, before being packed into cardboard boxes.

Today we make around 70,000 blocks of Greenland Wax every year. And each one of them has been cooked in the same pot.

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Fjällräven所有的G-1000產品都使用Greenland Wax 作上蠟塗層,1960年代後期同一家瑞典家族企業開始生產這種蠟,它的配方是商業機密,不過材料卻很簡單,就是純石蠟加高品質蜜蠟,因此Greenland Wax也可以取代以化學為基底的防水劑,達到更環保的效果。





說Greenland Wax是純手工製造一點也不為過,製作方法是先將石蠟溶於大鍋中(這個鍋子從1960年代就使用至今),等石蠟達到一定的溫度,再加入蜜蠟塊一起攪拌,接著將混和物倒入模具中定型,最後用紙盒包裝。

如今我們每年大約製造7萬件Greenland Wax,每一塊都是出自於同一個鍋爐。


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