Climate compensation 氣候補償

Gearing up for renewable energy sources

Climate change is possibly the biggest challenge we face in our time. As a global company, with production and sales taking place around the world, we have an undeniable responsibility to reduce our emissions of greenhouses gases. For this reason we are continuously working to improve our energy efficiency, increase the proportion of green electricity we use, and plan and optimise transportation methods. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 25 per cent by the year 2020 and become carbon neutral at the latest in 2025.

Climate calculations increase awareness

Climate compensation is a way that we can work towards reducing our effects on the environment. All our garments in the Eco-Shell series are also climate compensated.

That we engage in climate compensation does not mean that we do not take responsibility for reducing our emissions, actually quite the opposite. Climate compensation has helped us to see which parts of production are in the greatest need of improvement.

Support for renewable and certified energy projects

There are various ways to climate compensate, and we have chosen to support renewable energy projects that have been examined and verified by the UN. The projects have also been certified according to the Gold Standard, an independent quality assessment of carbon dioxide emission reduction projects that is supported by more than 60 non-profit organisations, including Greenpeace International and WWF International.

Certification places high demands on the quality and credibility of the projects and this means that we can be sure that they will achieve the climate benefits that they aim for.