Materials & production 原料與生產

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Fjällräven’s goal is to make products that are long-lasting, hard-wearing, pure and functional. This longevity calls for a conscious approach all through the product life cycle. The journey towards a more sustainable future begins during the design phase and does not end until the product is completely worn out, and then hopefully recycled, after years of escapades.

When considering a new material, we take good time to evaluate resource-efficiency, quantities, chemical composition, etc. before we decide how to move on. We compare materials and strive to choose those with the best sustainability profiles. We also look at renewability and if materials are degradable or recyclable.

• Applied to different aspects of sustainability our production philosophy can be summarized as:

• We try to use processes that are as gentle on the environment as possible and that minimize consumption of water, chemicals and energy.

• We use recycled and organic materials when available, without this compromising with our demands on durability.

• We strive to be as energy-efficient as possible and to plan and optimize transports to curb carbon emissions.

• We have a principle of precaution when it comes to chemicals, avoiding toxic and hazardous chemicals as much as possible and continuously searching for environmentally sound options.

• We try to make use of spill material from our production.

In two product series – Numbers and Eco-shell – we have fully embraced a sustainability approach to see what is possible to achieve and what's not. The features in these series which have proven to be scalable are now gradually being applied to other products as well.

Partnership with Sustainable Apparel Coalition

To have a systematic approach in our work, and to learn from and share our best practices with other forward-thinking companies, we have joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, an industry-wide group of over 80 leading apparel and footwear companies and NGOs working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world.




• 我們套用於可持續發展各層面的生產哲學摘錄如下:

• 我們會盡量使用對環境最溫和、最節能省水、最少用化學物質的加工法。

• 我們優先使用再生有機材質,但不犧牲對耐久性的要求。

• 我們努力有效運用能源,計畫並優化運輸程序以降低碳排放。

• 我們對化學成分採取謹慎的態度,盡量避免使用有毒和危險的化學物質,持續尋找不危害環境的選擇方案。

• 我們盡量利用產品的溢材。