Tips for your application

If you want to increase the chances that your application will win a lot of votes, see our movie or read our tips here. 

Submit your application early

The application period starts on November 2016 so make sure your application is ready to be uploaded as soon as the voting portal opens. The longer your submission is on the website the more time you have to gather votes.

Make your application stick out from the crowd

If you do something creative, different and fun, there is a greater chance that people will vote for your submission and you will win the competition for your country. This will also increase the possibility that Fjällräven will choose your submission in the “second chance” round.

Prepare your friends in advance

If you prepare your friends in advance so that they are ready to go in and vote for your submission, you will increase the chances that your submission will win a lot of votes. Once you have uploaded your submission, you can share it with friends – but it would be a good idea if they know in advance to go in and vote once the portal opens.

Be personal with your video or photo

Make a personal video or take a personal photo and increase the chances that you will receive more votes. If you do not have a camera, use your mobile telephone, which often has both a camera and a video camera function. Creativity is often more important than quality when it comes to winning votes. Make sure that you also have a good explanation for why you should be chosen. Why not start writing today? You may use no more than 400 characters.