Below we have gathered and answered some of the questions we receive most frequently about Fjällräven Polar. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, ask us on Facebook and we will try to answer as fast as we can.

When is Fjällräven Polar 2016?

Fjällräven Polar 2016 starts on 5 April and ends on 10 April 2016.

Who can apply?

Any curious person who would like to go on the adventure of their lives can apply for Fjällräven Polar. You do not need to have any previous experience spending time outdoors in the winter. But you must be at least 18 years old and it is helpful if you speak English.

How will participants be selected?

You apply for Fjällräven Polar by uploading a short video or a picture here on Fjällräven’s website together with an explanation for why you should be chosen for the event. Your entry than competes with the other entries from your country for one of the spots. One person from each country/group is selected by visitors to Fjällräven’s website, who vote for their favourite entry. The person who receives the most votes in each country/group is chosen to participate in Fjällräven Polar. Fjällräven chooses the second person from each country/group. 

Am I allowed to vote for my own entry?

Yes, but you can only vote once.

Can I remove my entry?

Yes. Once you have uploaded your entry, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. In this e-mail you will find a link that allows you to remove your entry. If you remove your entry, you are welcome to upload a new one. Please note that if you remove your entry, you will lose all of the votes you received.

Why do I have to have a Facebook account to apply?

We have chosen to use Facebook for two reasons. First, it is easier for you to join the competition since you do not have to fill in a lot of contact information and you can easily encourage your friends to vote for your entry. Second, and perhaps most importantly, it is to ensure that the voting process works properly. Facebook has a complete and well-tested function for just this purpose.

When will I know if I have been chosen?

If your name is at the top of the list of the votes from your country, you will automatically receive a spot in Fjällräven Polar 2016. The winners will be informed in person and the list of participants will be published here on the website.

What happens if one of the participants gives up his/her spot?

If the person who won his/her country’s votes cannot participate for some reason, the spot will go to the person who had the second highest number of votes.

Do I need to bring any equipment with me?

Basically, you do not need to bring any equipment other than the personal items that you would like to have with you. Fjällräven will provide all of the winter equipment you will need to participate in Fjällräven Polar. A complete pack list will be published on our website before the start of the trip. Participants may keep most of the equipment after completing Fjällräven Polar.

Do I need to prepare in advance?

No, Fjällräven’s outdoor experts will be with you at all times to give you pointers and advice and guide you. One of the objectives of the event is to demonstrate that anyone - with the right equipment and right preparation - can experience the adventure of their lives.

Will Fjällräven pay for my travel costs for Fjällräven Polar?

Yes. If you are chosen as one of the participants, we will pay for your travel to and from Fjällräven Polar.