How it all started

The idea of Fjällräven Polar was born when Kenth Fjellborg, one of Sweden’s leading dog sled drivers, met Fjällräven’s founder, Åke Nordin, in the beginning of the 1990s.

Fjellborg had participated in the Iditarod, the world’s most difficult dog sled competition, which is held in Alaska. Kenth and Åke began to discuss the idea of organising a Swedish equivalent – but for the general public. After considering the risks and how to buy insurances, the first edition of Fjällräven Polar was set out in 1997.

The organization was surprised by the spirit of the people that participated. They showed that even though they never had experienced dog sledding and subarctic environment in winter before, they had the guts to take on the challenge and the will to go with a dog team 350 kilometres over tundra, through mountain forests and over frozen lakes.

Every year that Fjällräven Polar was held between 1997 and 2006 it drew thousands of applications. Over the years, participants have faced everything from exhausting stages,blizzards and minus 30°C, to beautiful, sun-drenched landscapes of crisp white snow.

An event like Fjällräven Polar means that a few people, that usually don’t expose themselves to the big adventure, get the opportunity to test their limits.

At the same time Fjällräven has the opportunity to try some of their clothes, tents and other equipment in the most fair test bench there is: northern Scandinavia.

One should expect the worst. And, in some way, also the best a human being can witness: the cry from the wild and the hidden instincts we all bear inside.