Tjäktja - Alesjaure

From the checkpoint, the path heads down through grassy moors to Alisätno. The entire stretch to Alesjaure and the cabin is easy hiking that is surrounded by greenery. There are many streams to drink from and already at the halfway point you can see the cabins up in the distance at the entrance to Alesjaure.

It is often easy to find a camping spot here, as long as it has not rained a lot and left the ground wetter than normal. At the Alesjaure Mountain Hut, you can purchase provisions and even take a coffee break. Freshly baked cinnamon buns disappear in a flash. Take a moment to sit in the wonderful sauna before heading onward or retracing your steps to find a place to pitch your tent. Just like at Sälka, you have to chop your wood yourself.

There are a few camping sites beside the Alesjaure Mountain Hut, but there are also really nice sites just before and after. The stretch between Tjäktja and Alesjaure takes between 4 and 5 hours, not counting breaks.

Go to stage 6: Alesjaure Mountain Hut - Kieron (18 km)