Singi - Sälka

At the Singi Mountain Hut, you will merge with the main Kungsleden trail. This spot is passed by many trekkers every day during the high season in July. Face the north and continue hiking. At first the path twists and turns, but once you come up over the crown at the reindeer enclosure, the valley opens with an expansive view. The trek is easy with soft uphill and downhill terrain. On a cloudless day, you can catch a glimpse of the snow-clad northern peak of Kebnekaise to the right. From here, you can also reach the top via Durling's trail and Kaffedalen (if you have the energy!).

Once you reach the Koupertjåkka lean-to, you are halfway to the checkpoint at the Sälkastugor cabins. From the bridge, you can see the unique characteristics of the Drakryggen (Dragonback) mountain. The last stretch into Sälka seems like it never ends. The landscape does not change very much and the path crawls forward in zigzags. But here there are plenty of streams to drink from and wonderful spots to take a rest. Take a moment to enjoy the mountains at their best!

In Sälka, you can shop at the little kiosk. Many people opt to put up their tents here and the atmosphere in the sauna is usually festive. The wood-burning sauna is included in the start fee, but you have to chop the wood yourself in the woodshed to the right of the main building. The Sälka Mountain hut easily lands on the top ten list of the most beautiful STF cabins.

Go to stage 4: Sälka Mountain Hut - Tjäkta (14 km)