Nikkaluokta - Kebnekaise

After the start in Nikkaluokta, the trail winds through mountain birch forests and over plank-crossed bogs. At the beginning of the trek, it can be quite crowded even though the path is wide. The crowds will disappear, however, after a few kilometres. Take the time to adjust your pack after walking for a bit.

At the six-kilometre mark, you will reach Kaffekåtan where you can buy coffee, a sandwich or a pastry, and LapDånalds, which serves reindeer burgers. Take a break and enjoy the view at Laddjujarvi.

fter a few more kilometres, the trail becomes much more narrow and more rocky. The view of the craggy top of Tuolpagorni with its characteristic snow-filled bowl dominates a large portion of this stretch. An almost magical view.

The trail crosses so many streams that you do not have to walk long to reach the next spring. At Kebnekaise Mountain Station you can stop for a meal or a coffee break. The best camping sites are a few kilometres before or after the station.

If you take regular breaks, you will be able to make to Kebnekaise Mountain Station on the first day. The estimated trekking time to Kebnekaise is 4-6 hours, not including breaks.

Go to stage 2: Kebnekaise Mountain Station - Singi Mountain Hut (15 km)