Kieron - Abisko

About one kilometre after the checkpoint, you will arrive at the Abisko National Park. Immediately after the national park border, you will find areas in the birch forest where you can pitch your tent. In the national park, you are only allowed to camp by the Abiskojaurestugor cabins and at a camping site close to Nissanjåkka, around 5 km south of Abisko. When you arrive at Abiskojaure, follow the trail to the lake's south-eastern shoreline. If you want to visit the cabins, turn left and cross the suspension bridge. If you are going to put up your tent by the Abiskojaurestugor cabins, we recommend taking a dip at the fantastic sand beach. An early morning swim in the heat of the morning sun is one of the highpoints of the trek. Then the only thing left to do is finish the trek. But preferably not all at once, even though the menu of the restaurant in Abisko tempts many to pick up the pace. Resist the urge to stress.

For anyone interested in botany, the surroundings are overflowing with both well-known and less-well-known flowers. The shady birch forest is a wonderful break from the mountain moors and the ground is well trodden and flat. The path follows the Abiskojåkka river and at several locations along the way you can go down and look at the impressive canyon that is edged with alternately white and black stone. The finish line is not at the wooden arch marking the end of the Kungsleden trail. You need to take a sharp left and go under the road, even though the station and the finish line can be glimpsed straight ahead. Hang in there. At the finish line, a well-deserved rest, a medal and the unbeatable feeling of having gotten there on your own two feet await you. At Trekkers Inn, a shower and a cold drink are waiting for you.

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