Your feet are tender and your backpack feels a little heavier on your shoulders and hips than it did 110 kilometres ago. However, the mighty mountain range around Kebnekaise, the view from the Tjäktja Pass and all your experiences put a smile on your lips. And not least – you have arrived! You have completed the challenge and now it is time to share your happiness with other hikers at the Trekkers Inn.

The Fjällräven Classic concludes at Abisko Tourist Station, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Abisko National Park has been attracting people from all over the world for more than a hundred years, and tired yet happy hikers are meeting here this week.

At the finishing line, you can put the final stamp in your hiking pass. After hugging your fellow hikers or your nearest and dearest in a genuine rush of joy, you receive your medal and a fabric emblem, the colours of which indicate how many times you have hiked the Fjällräven Classic. After this, we suggest that you continue another 20 metres to the Trekkers Inn, where you can take a seat and reward yourself with a drink of your choice while you applaud the next hikers to reach their destination.

Collecting your luggage

At the finishing line, you also collect your personal luggage that you left in Kiruna or in Nikkaloukta. Your luggage will be returned to you at any time of the day or night when you present your hiking pass.

Shower and sauna

After your refreshments, you can enjoy a well-earned hot shower, regardless of whether you are going to be staying at the mountain station or not. The showers are available 24 hours a day. As long as you don't arrive during the night, you can also enjoy a sauna. The sauna is open during the day and in the evenings, but is closed at night. The fee for showers and sauna is paid at the reception.

Trekkers Inn

During the evenings, we welcome hikers to our own wilderness pub, the Trekkers Inn. Here you can sit and spend time with your friends and other hikers over a cold beer and good food. During the evening we run a raffle for outdoor equipment, and a little later our live band raises the pulse again and brings tired feet back to life.

Transport to Kiruna

In addition to regular train and bus departures Fjällräven Classic arranges bus transport from Abisko to Kiruna Airport. The time table is adjusted to departures from Kiruna Airport during the period Monday – Friday. You can buy tickets for these buses in Kiruna or in Abisko, at least 12h before the bus departs. The time table for Fjällräven Classic’s departures is available at Fjällräven Classic’s homepage from mid June.

Note that transport from Abisko is not included in the registration fee.

Medal for everyone!

Everyone is a winner in Fjällräven Classic and all participants get a medal when they cross the finish line. You decide yourself how fast you want to go but make sure you enjoy yourself and the fantastic environment you travel through. Medals are given out at the finish line.

Abisko Naturum

Everyone is welcome into Naturum in Abisko at the finish to see exhibitions, visit the shop and join slide shows, lectures and guided tours.