Alesjaure - Kieron

Follow the signs to Abiskojaure and stay on the left side of the Alesjaure lake. Otherwise you will inevitably end up at a ford with a strong current at the edge of the lake, which we do not recommend. Here the terrain is flatter than before and the interlocking lakes on the right-hand side dominate the landscape. Shrub willow and mountain moors edge the trail. Immediately before the reindeer enclosure you can fill up your water bottles. This is the last opportunity for about six kilometres, not counting the creek just after the enclosure that may or may not have running water. It is also possible to go down to the creek east of the Kartinvare mountain, but the path is overgrown and difficult, especially when you are short on energy.

The path along the side of the Kartinvare mountain is slightly at a slant and many find the hill down to the birch forest difficult after a long day of hiking. The checkpoint is situated just after the bridge over Siellajåkka. Take the opportunity to fill up your water bottle when you pass the creek.

The stretch between Alesjaure and Kieron takes between 4 and 5 hours, not counting breaks. Many of the Fjällräven Classic participants choose to pitch their tents before passing Siellajåkka even though they have to walk to fetch water from the creek. It is also possible to camp in the area around the checkpoint.

Go to Stage 7: Kieron - Abisko Mountain Station (17 km)