Our Partners


Naturkompaniet gives hikers an honest chance to equip themselves with all they need for several days of hiking in the mountains. Naturkompaniet has shops in all major Swedish cities. www.naturkompaniet.se


Primus lightweight stoves provide unexpected results. This is the oldest outdoor stove manufacturing company in the world and the first to top Everest in 1953 as the producer of the portable kerosene stove used by Tenzig and Hillary www.primus.se


Hanwag is a large and respected European footwear brand with the best shoes on the market for mountain hiking. It was originally a small family firm of shoemakers who took great care in making high quality boots for outdoor use. www.hanwag.de


Tierra produces high-tech clothes for fast-paced and demanding activities. www.tierra.se


Aktivut helps Fjällräven organise this massive race with experienced staff and professional working methods. www.aktivut.se

Abisko Naturum

At the finish in Abisko you are welcome to the Visitors' Centre, exhibitions, slide shows and lectures, to visit the store and have guided tours.


The most delicious bread using the least amount of resources. This is Polarbröd's motto, which is interwoven not only into its environmental work but also into its operations as a whole. Polarbröd is a family-owned company that makes bread using traditions from Northern Sweden that have existed for over a century. During its 36-year history, the company has grown from a small family bakery to Sweden's third largest bread producer. It baked 36,110 tonnes of bread in 2007. Polarbröd holds 14% of the Swedish bread market and exports have increased in recent years, with Norway and France being two of the largest export destinations. www.polarbrod.se

Görans fjälltransport

Lapland’s most reliable transportation company provides us with invaluable help in implementing the very complex and demanding Fjällräven CLASSIC. You have perhaps encountered Göran in winter when going up to Kebnekaise in one of his snowmobiles. Telephone: +46 (0)980-540 00


REAL Turmat is made mainly of fresh Norwegian ingredients that are carefully processed in a proprietary drying process developed by Drytech. This process maintains the natural taste, flavor, appearance and nutritional values.www.drytech.no

Camp Ripan

Bring the entire family to Kiruna. Here you will find an outdoor pool, miniature golf, volleyball courts and much more. The close proximity to both the city and nature offers you endless opportunities. Descend into the world's largest underground mine, enjoy a ride on a dogsled on a summer night or hike the Midnattssolsstigen (Midnight Sun Trail). Perfect for both young and old! There are many different housing alternatives to choose from, such as hotel cabins and camping sites. Camp Ripan is the meeting point for Fjällräven Classic participants. www.ripan.se

Nikkaluokta Sarri AB

Nikkaluokta Sarri AB is the company that runs Fjällräven Classic's start area in Nikkaluokta. In the magnificent main building inspired by Sami design, you will find both the competition secretariat and a restaurant for a much-needed bite to eat before the competition. Housing is also available www.nikkaluokta.com

Kartpoolen i norr

Kartpoolen i norr supplies Fjällräven Classic with specially drawn maps of the region to a new scale and in great detail. Lennart Lidman, the cartographer responsible for the undertaking, is one of Sweden’s most recognized cartographers in the area. He acquired a great deal of experience from his years in the Swedish armed forces. www.kartpoolen.se