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Kånken Mini

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Kånken backpack in little format with long shoulder straps that can be adjusted to fit both children and adults. Removable seat pad.


Fjallraven Kanken mini sale – Find the stylish backpack of choice

Launch of Kanken dates back to the year 1978. Fjällräven’s owners came to realize that Swedish children face a certain degree of difficulty in carrying their schoolbooks to school.
While carrying schoolbooks to school, the bag used should ideally be ergonomic. This ensures that the strain over the back stays at an absolute minimum. A shoulder bag meets the bill effectively in this regard. If the schoolbooks are carried to school without using a backpack, it becomes difficult to keep the belongings organized. Similarly, there is a limitation to how many books one can carry without using a backpack.
Fjällräven’s came up with Kånken Mini, a stylish backpack that is fit for use by kids to carry their schoolbooks to school. This is a significant improvement over schoolbags especially designed for kids that may have a commonplace appearance to them. Kanken Mini is a kind of bag that kids would be delighted to possess. The best part about Kanken Mini is that it comes in an exciting and an elaborate range of colors. One has a choice at going for the bags in single or dual colors.
Fjallraven Kanken Mini looks much similar to a stylish, modern backpack, just with the difference that it is smaller in size. It is an alternative that can be carried even by smaller children to school. With its attractive looks, even adults might want to use one for their activities. The versatility of Kanken Mini has been a factor which has bought it across much popularity across a number of places across the world.
Kanken Mini essentially has a number of applications it may be used for. One may use it for keeping a change of clothes when one goes to a kindergarten. If one is looking for a nice little bag that keeps one’s wallet, one may go for such a bag. Similarly if women are on a lookout for an alternative that helps them keep their belongings with a greater degree of ease as compared to a shoulder strap bag, they may go for the Kanken Mini. If you intend to carry a water bottle with you when you go for a ride on a motorbike, you can use a Kanken Mini. It also has room to accommodate a lunchbox.
Fjallraven Kanken Mini sale gives you access to a bag that has long shoulder straps, even while the bag itself is small. The back size is not an issue with the Kanken Mini bag. The shoulder straps easily adjust according to the back size. This makes the bag usable for kids and adults.
When you are not using the Kanken Mini, the shoulder straps can be conveniently folded and adjusted using a push button operation. It keeps them snugly close to the bag’s body, and makes the bag easy to store.

The Kanken Mini is not just exceedingly attractive and aesthetic. It is reasonably durable as well. Buying this bag is an assurance for a number of years of reliable service. The stuff that this bag is made from is light Vinylon F fabric. The material is water and dirt resistant.
This ensures that one can easily carry this bag while it rains, without having to worry about the safety of one’s belongings. Cleaning the bag is easy as well. Just use a damp cloth and wipe it clean. You may use a detergent solution for cleaning the bag as well, followed by using fresh water to wipe away the detergent, using a dry cloth.
On the main compartment is a zippered opening. This not only makes the bag easy to pack and unpack, but helps keep your belongings organized as well. So, one is not required to hunt for one belongings upon opening the main zipper. The belongings would be nicely organized in their zippered or open compartments. Locating and accessing them is made simpler.
An A5 size diary can easy fit into the bag. Other basic belongings that you can carry in the bag are a couple of books. The bag is ideal for storing any stuff which you want to be easily accessible at all times. The bag also has room to keep smart devices. It is lightweight, which makes it easier to carry and keeps the shoulders comfortable. So for avenues like packing the lunch and leaving for a picnic, it is the best option to use. Similarly, if you do not carry too many belongings to work, you may choose to carry the bag to work every day. It looks exceedingly stylish, and is sure to meet your taste. The varied color options add a splash of color to your presentations. It goes nicely with all apparel.
One does have a few choices at choosing how one wants to carry the Kanken Mini. Carry it as a backpack. If not, the bag has a couple of handles towards the top. You can carry it as a nice little handbag. One can hence carry the bag in the way that one finds comfortable, or in the way that looks fashionable, depending on where one is.
The Kanken Mini also has two flat side pockets. They can accommodate paper bills or a folded magazine. The back pocket has a sitting pad which is removable and makes the bag a luxury commodity. It would stand upright on a flat surface, and makes the bag easy to place. It also reduces the odds of any water spills from a water bottle placed within the bag to an absolute minimum. Supple shoulder straps keep shoulders comfortable. Kanken Mini also makes provisions for road safety, and the logo upon it is reflective. This can be useful in bad light, cloudy, hazy or rainy conditions.
You can order your Kanken Mini from just about any location in the world. Fjallraven ships to a number of destinations in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, and Thailand. Irrespective of where you live or what you do, Kanken Mini is going to be an exceedingly stylish accessory in your collection, which makes a perfect choice for everyday or occasional use.



  • Description

    Kånken was released in 1978 to help prevent back problems seen among Swedish school children and over the years has become one of Fjällräven’s most popular products. Kånken Mini is suitable for smaller children and even adults who want to have a small backpack. It is perfect for a change of clothes at kindergarten, a packed lunch for an outing or as a convenient everyday bag for a wallet, water bottle, piece of fruit or the like. The shoulder straps are long and adjustable so they fit both little and big backs. They can be fastened with a button so they are not in the way when they are in their smallest position. Kånken Mini is made from durable and light Vinylon F fabric that is water and dirt resistant. The main compartment has a large zippered opening that makes it easy to pack and unpack. There are two flat side pockets and a front pocket with a zipper. It comes with a sitting pad that is stored in the inside back pocket. There are handles on top and narrow, supple shoulder straps. The logo on the front doubles as a reflector.

    Kånken於1978年面世,旨在防止瑞典學童的脊椎問題。經過多年已成為Fjällräven最受歡迎的產品之一。 Kånken Mini適合兒童以及想要一個非常小的背囊的成年人。適合放入幼兒園的替換衣服,自備的午餐 - 或者當常用背囊放錢包,水樽,零食等。 可調節的長肩帶適合不同高度。 肩帶長度用一個鈕扣固定。 Kånken Mini採用耐用,輕便的Vinylon F面料製成,防水防污。主間隔前方全開口長拉鍊的設計,方便放入/取出物品。 主間隔前方全開口長拉鍊的設計,方便放入/取出物品。兩邊側袋和拉鍊前袋。 內袋附有坐墊,頂部有手柄,窄而柔軟的肩帶,正面有一個具反射功能的徽章。
  • Size, material & environment information

    • SKU: F23561
    • Outer material: Vinylon F: 100% vinylal
    • Backpack Model: Kids
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Concept: Outdoor
    • Height: 29 cm
    • Width: 20 cm
    • Depth: 13 cm
    • Weight: 220 g
    • Volume: 7 L
    • Non Textile Parts of Animal Origin: No
    • Activity: Everyday Outdoor
    • Rain-cover: Not included
    • Laptop pocket: No
    Care Label: Clean with a soft brush and lukewarm water
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Product Development

Product Development

You might compare our product development strategy to that of the evolution of nature -- the strongest survive at the same time as...

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