Packing List 收納清單

When packing for a winter trek, you mainly use the same list of equipment that you use for treks during the other seasons of the year, although there are a few things that are specifically needed to handle winter conditions. For example, a spade and probe are absolute necessities during winter treks, as well as a wind sack, reinforcement garments and a sleeping bag.

You do not need to bring a lot with you, but think about how you are going to use each item. On a short trek, you might only need the clothes that you will wear, reinforcement garments and safety equipment. Below you will find a list of the equipment we think you will need for a day trip, and further down on the page you will find a list of equipment for treks with one or more nights spent in the outdoors.

Day treks – clothing to wear while on the move

Base layer: Underwear, sports bra, base layer bottom, base layer top with long sleeves, socks.
Middle layer: Wool sweater/shirt, trekking trousers.
Outer layer: Shell jacket, shell trousers and, if needed, (depending on the trousers and boots).
Footwear: Ski/hiking boots (preferably with removable insoles).

Head and hands while on the move, depending on the intensity of the activity

• Thin hat/cap, headband, thick hat or balaclava.
• Five-finger wool glove liner, five-finger working glove, preferably with a detachable wool lining, and mittens with detachable wool lining.

Reinforcement layer that is easy to access during breaks

Warm jacket (half/full length, the thickness depends on the temperature and type of trek), warm trousers, thick wool or fleece sweater, dry change of socks.

Good to have in pockets/backpack compartments

Sunglasses, ski goggles, thermos, water bottle, cup/folding cup, lunch bag, snacks, compass, map, GPS, camera, headlamp, first aid (including blister tape).

Safety equipment

Wind sack, sleeping bag, ground pad, probe, snow spade, safety line (15-20 metres).

Multi-day treks – additional equipment

When sleeping in a tent or bivouac, you should supplement your day pack with the equipment listed below. You will need a significantly larger backpack or a sledge to transport it all.

To carry in your backpack/on the sledge for the campsite

• Tent with snow stakes
• Undergarments, balaclava, five-finger gloves, socks (all of these should be stored in the sleeping bag)
• Extra undergarments and socks, as needed
• Food, cup, cutlery/whisk, cutting board
• Stove, fuel, matches, lighter
•Sheathed knife, multi tool, saw, axe
• Dish washing liquid and brush
• Two 0.5 litre insulated water bottles that can hold boiling water
• One to two 0.7 litre insulated/wrapped thermoses


• Towel, 2 wash rags and toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
• Toilet paper packed in a plastic bag (it is good to have extra toilet paper in the pocket of your break garments).
• Sunblock and mini-pharmacy (special medicine, pain relievers, charcoal tablets, skin lotion, etc.)
• Small details that add a little extra to the atmosphere: tea lights, book, small stereo or radio.
• Repair equipment: duct tape, seam sealer, steel wire, needle and thread, nylon rope, etc.
• Pen and diary/notebook.

What to think about when packing

Pack in waterproof carry bags. Be particularly careful with your sleeping bag! Preferably pack in a large backpack, but bring a smaller bag/backpack for day trips.

Indoor shoes/slippers can be good to have if you will be spending nights in a cabin. When preparing to head home, it is often nice to have an extra set of clothes to "look good in". These should be stored in a small bag that is left at the start/end location of the trek, for example a mountain station or train station that you will return to. You should not carry them on your trek.



一日遊 - 活動中所穿著的衣物

底層服飾: 內衣、運動內衣、下半身的底層服飾、長袖的上半身底層服飾,襪子。
中層服飾: 羊毛衣或羊毛襯衫、行山長褲。
外層服飾: 防風防水外套、防風防水長褲,有需要的話可帶腿套(視您的長褲和靴子而定)。 鞋類:滑雪靴或行山靴(可更換鞋墊的款式更佳)。


• 薄帽或薄鴨舌帽、頭巾、厚帽或頭套。
• 五指羊毛內襯裡手套、五指工作手套(附分離式羊毛內襯裡更佳)、附分離式羊毛內襯裡的連指手套。










• 附雪釘之帳篷。
• 內衣、頭套、五指手套、襪子(全部可存放在睡袋內)。
• 額外的內衣和襪子,視需要而定。
• 食物、水杯、刀具或攪拌工具、砧板。
• 爐具、燃料、火柴、打火機。
• 含護套的刀子、萬用刀、鋸子、斧頭。
• 洗潔精和刷子。
• 兩個500毫升的保溫瓶,可裝煮沸的開水。
• 一到兩個700毫升的保溫瓶,或附保溫套的熱水瓶。


• 毛巾、兩條洗臉巾、個戈護理用品(肥皂、牙刷、牙膏等等)。
• 衛生紙,用塑膠袋包裝(可於休息時穿著的服飾口袋中多放一些衛生紙)。
• 防曬乳、小藥包(特殊藥品、止痛藥、碳錠、乳液等等)。
• 營造氣氛的小工具:小蠟燭、書籍、小音響或收音機 。
• 維修工具:Duct Tape萬用膠帶、接縫黏著劑、鋼絲、針線、尼龍繩等等。
• 筆、日記本或筆記本。




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