Winter treks 冬季行山

In the north, the winter season starts in November and lasts until the end of April. Classic winter conditions in this region consist of long periods of dry, windy weather and relatively constant low temperatures of –15° to –40°C. It is important to know how to protect yourself and keep your body in good condition. Having the right skills and equipment makes spending time outdoors both enjoyable and safe. Nature is seldom as wonderful and grandiose as it is in the extreme cold.

On these pages we have gathered tips and facts that you may be able to use as you prepare for a winter trek, whether you are planning shorter day trips or longer trips with or without nights spent under the open sky. Most of the information here is based on the “classic winter trek”, which means that you bring along a pair of skis, but much of it is general in nature, which means that it can also be applied to other types of treks – on foot, snowshoeing, dog sledding, skating, etc.

北部地區的冬季始於11月,終於隔年4月底。此地區的冬季漫長,典型氣候特徵包含乾燥、多風,溫度幾乎落在 -15° 到 -40°C之間。務必要懂得保護自己,使身體維持良好狀態。擁有正確的野外求生技巧和裝備,才能使戶外生活成為一種享受,並且一路平安。嚴寒的大自然可不如平日般宏偉迷人。