Curved Fit 弧線版型

The most comfortable outdoor trousers fit like a second skin and follow movements without you really having to think about them. However, all bodies are different and women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is why we have created a new fit for our women’s trousers.

Designed for women

Curved Fit has a more accentuated waist and a little extra width over the rear and thighs than other trouser cuts. The fit has been specifically designed for women and gives a more comfortable pair of trousers that sit better on certain figures, without being tight over the thighs or having a gap at the back of the waist.

Curved Fit complements our traditional fits Regular and Comfort. A selection of our trouser models for women are now available in two versions – like trekking trousers Nikka Trousers W with regular fit and Nikka Trousers Curved W with Curved Fit. So now you can enjoy true freedom of movement in a new, curvy format.



弧線版型 更強調腰身,比起其他剪裁,在臀部和大腿處稍微加寬。這種版型是特別為女性所設計,創造出更合身的舒適長褲,大腿不過緊,後腰無縫隙。

弧線版型 填補了我們傳統合身版型和舒適版型的不足。目前我們的女性褲款都有兩種選擇:以行山褲來說,可以選穿合身版型的Nikka Trousers W,或者弧線版型的Nikka Trousers Curved W 。從現在開始,你可以穿上我們全新的弧線版式,享受無拘無束的行動自由。

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