The trekker 行山者

When you close you_ eyes and dream of sleeping in a tent you see yourself up in the mountains, above the treeline. You want to keep your options open for tenting in other places or maybe even in the winter sometimes but you primarily plan to continue with three-four day treks in the mountains.

If this describes you, there are several alternatives. If you want to travel light, together with a friend or two, then Abisko Shape 2 or 3 is the perfect choice. If there are two of you and you have a dog, then maybe Abisko or Keb Dome 2 with two vestibules is a better choice.


若這是您,您有幾種選擇。如果您想和一兩個朋友一起旅行,那麼Abisko Shape 2或3就是您的最佳選擇。如果您有兩個人並且有一隻狗,那麼也許Abisko或帶有兩個前庭的Keb Dome 2是更好的選擇。

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