The globetrotter 環球旅行者

If you prefer low-weight packs and minimalism then a lightweight tent is a must for you. A large vestibule can be sacrificed for low weight, and with your small backpack you don’t actually need the extra space. You choose a bicycle as readily as trekking boots or a kayak in different parts of the world. You love sleeping outdoors but are seldom in your tent for a week at a time.

If you prefer to sleep alone, Abisko Lite 1 is an unusually spacious tent for one person. Abisko Lite 2 is also suitable for one person if you need more space, and then you can always invite a friend along. And the ventilation possibilities in these tents are unbeatable in hot weather. If you like paddling in the summer, take a look at Abisko View 2.


如果您喜歡獨自睡覺,Abisko Lite 1是一個非常寬敞的帳篷供一個人使用。如果您需要更多空間,Abisko Lite 2也適合一個人,然後您可以隨時邀請朋友。在炎熱的天氣裡,這些帳篷的通風性是無與倫比的。如果您喜歡在夏天划艇,可以去看看Abisko View 2。

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