The fun lover 享受歡樂

You don’t live far from your favourite tenting place and you have maybe realised that it is actually not so important where you tent, it is all about the feeling being right, and it maybe even including a horizon. Usually, you avoid obvious challenges such as tenting in the snow or tenting in exposed places.

A spontaneous tip for those of you who love summer is the ultimately enjoyable Abisko View 2. This is a tent that can handle everything in the spring, summer and autumn. It also has great ceiling height. If you want to have something more durable for the future’s maybe more challenging adventures then you should take a look at Abisko Dome in any size.


Abisko View 2是給那些喜歡夏天的人的小貼士。這是一個適合春,夏,秋季一切的帳篷。它也有很高的天花板高度。如果您想擁有一些更耐用的東西,未來可能更具挑戰性的冒險,那麼您應該看看任何尺寸的 Abisko Dome。

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