The adventurer 冒險家

If a five day trip sounds short and you find yourself counting exactly how many nights you have spent in a tent in the last year, then you most likely belong here. You are just as comfortable with outdoor life in the summer as in the winter and you like to take off on adventures whenever and wherever. Longer trips are part of your personality and your tent.

For longer trips it is often our Keb series that suits best. For example, Keb Endurance 3 feels safe and secure. If you do a lot of paddling, and if you plan on pitching your tent close to the beach, then Keb Dome 2 or 3 might be the best choice. If you dream of long winter trips, love pulling gear in a toboggan or maybe have your sights set on an expedition in.


基本上,我們的Keb系列最適合長途旅行。例如,Keb Endurance 3感覺安全可靠。如果您經常划艇,並計劃在靠近海灘的地方紮營,如果您夢想是漫長的冬季旅行,喜歡在平底雪橇上拉動裝備,或者將您的目標放在遠征中,那麼Keb Dome 2或3可能是最好的選擇。

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