Important details 重要細節

It goes without saying that tents should be durable and able to withstand all types of weather – but it is the carefully chosen, highly functional details that will make you love your home in the outdoors. We place as much careful attention into the design of our details and functional solutions as we do into the general design and selection of fabrics, poles, etc. Here are some of the functions that have made our tents so popular:

Fox-feet Adjustable foxfeet make it easy to pitch the tent in all types of weather. Easy to handle even when wearing gloves.

Colour-coding Different-sized poles are marked with colour coding. The sleeve has the same colour as the correct pole, which makes matching the proper pole with the proper sleeve very simple.

Aluminium poles Strong, lightweight poles with elastic silicone cords that can withstand the cold.

Guylines Polyester guylines 2 mm thick are strategically placed around the tent. Our guylines are woven using reflective thread, so they are easier to see in the dark. A smart buckle makes it possible to tighten the guylines with one hand, even when wearing gloves.

Folded seams All of Fjällräven's tents have folded seams to withstand really strong winds. This means that the thread passes through four layers of fabric to achieve maximum durability and waterproofness.

Strong thread To ensure exceptional strength we work with cotton-covered synthetic thread, which also swells when it becomes wet, making the tent seams waterproof when it rains.

Ventilation Large ventilation openings provide maximum air circulation. All vents and most door openings are covered with mosquito nets.

Nordic Style attachment The flysheet and inner tent of all Fjällräven tents are attached to one another and can be easily separated if needed. The flysheet makes a perfect shelter for a break during bad weather. And the inner tent can stand alone on warm, dry nights when you want to have full ventilation while keeping mosquitoes and other insects outside.

V-shaped bag The compression bag is V-shaped to make it easy to pack and to minimise pack volume.


Foxfeet 接腳可調式的foxfeet接腳,不管遭遇任何天氣都可輕鬆搭建,配戴手套也可輕鬆操作。



營繩採用聚酯纖維的2 毫米營繩,運用策略分配在帳篷的四周。我們的營繩以反光線編織而成,夜間辨識度高。智慧調節片只需單手即可拉緊營繩,配戴手套亦能操作。

交疊車縫 Fjällräven全系列帳篷都採用交疊車縫,可以承受強風吹拂。這種車縫法把縫線一次穿過四層布,可使耐用性和防水性達到最高級別。



北歐式帳篷 Fjällräven全系列帳篷將外帳和內帳互相固定,需要時也可快速分離。外帳可於天氣惡劣時提供完整遮蔽,如遇溫暖、乾燥的夜晚,可以單獨使用內帳,讓空氣完全流通,同時可防蚊蟲進入。