Caring for a tent 打理帳篷

Fjällräven's tents are known for their ability to withstand many years of use in the outdoors and tough treatment. In order to ensure a long life, however, you must take care of and maintain your tent. It is most important to keep it clean and store it in an airy, dry location.

Out in nature

Push the tent poles, not pull, when you take them out of the sleeves. Use the V-shaped pack bag to compress the tent. Shorten the guylines to prevent them from getting easily tangled. Brush twigs and debris out of the tent before you pack it away. This decreases the risk for unnecessary wear on the tent fabric. Slight leakage through the seams is normal for a tent. To make your tent 100 per cent waterproof, use the included sealant (silicone). If a pole breaks, repair it using the included extension joint or reserve section.

If an accident occurs – how to repair a broken tent pole.

If your tent get's ripped try to fix it immediately.

When you come home

Clean the walls of the tent and the zipper after use and store it in an airy, dry location. If your tent is dirty, it is often sufficient to rinse it off with lukewarm water or wipe it down with a moist sponge. If necessary, use liquid soap or soapflakes. Never wash your tent in the washing machine and avoid using strong chemicals.

How to take care of your tent.

Zippers are put under a lot of stress and sustain a fair amount of wear, particularly if you are camping in sandy or dusty environments. To prevent zipper runners from breaking, clean the zipper, for example with a clean toothbrush.

How to repair a broken zipper on your tent.

Make it a habit to hang up, dry and air out your tent after a trek. Use the poles to hang it up so air can circulate between the fabrics. This will prevent the formation of mould and bad air. The absolute best way to store a tent is to hang it up in an airy, cool and dry location. If you do not have enough room to do this and need to store your tent in its bag, it is important that you make sure the tent is completely dry before you pack it away. You should also remove any dirt or other foreign substance that could harm the tent fabric.







使用後清潔帳篷壁和拉鍊,並存放在通風乾燥的地方。 如果你的帳篷很髒,通常用溫水沖洗或用濕海綿擦拭。 如有必要,請使用液體肥皂或肥皂。 切勿把帳篷放進洗衣機中清洗,避免使用強力化學品。


拉鍊承受很大的壓力並承受相當大的磨損,特別是如果你在沙地或多塵的環境中露營。 為防止拉鍊滑塊斷裂,請清潔拉鍊,例如使用乾淨的牙刷。


露營後要養成掛晾帳篷的習慣。 用營桿把它掛起讓空氣在織物之間循環。 這樣可以防止黴菌和氣味的形成。 存放帳篷的最佳方式是將其掛在通風,陰涼乾燥的地方。 如果您沒有足夠的空間,並且需要將帳篷存放在收納袋中,重要的是確保帳篷完全乾後才放進袋內。 還應該清除任何可能對帳篷織物造成傷害的污垢或其他異物。