Temperature limits 溫度限制

Since 2005 there has been a European standard, EN 13537, for measuring temperature limits on sleeping bags and all Fjällräven models are tested in accordance with this standard. This makes it easier to objectively compare sleeping bags. EN 13537 tests sleeping bags using a test dummy, and the temperature levels are set at four levels, with the middle levels being the most interesting from a user perspective.

Upper temperature limit – the temperature at which an average man can sleep without sweating too much. Measured with the hood and zippers open and the arms on the outside of the sleeping bag.

Comfort temperature – the temperature at which an average woman can sleep comfortably in a relaxed position.

Lower temperature limit – the temperature at which an average man can sleep eight hours without waking.

Extreme temperature limit – the lowest temperature at which an average woman can survive with the sleeping bag (although this makes no statement about the experience being comfortable).

Women should always look at the comfort temperature first while men should look at the lower temperature limit. Remember, though, that your experience is personal and affected by many other factors – read more under Perceived temperature.

歐盟自2005年起實施一套測量睡袋溫度限制的EN 13537標準,Fjällräven所有的睡袋都依據該標準通過檢測。有了這套標準,我們在比較睡袋時也有客觀依據。EN 13537以人體模型進行測試,設為四個溫度等級。以使用者的角度來看,最常參考的是中間兩個等級。






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