Sleeping outside 露宿戶外

Sleep is important for your recovery after a long day outdoors, and it serves as the foundation for your ability to function and make good decisions. A good sleeping bag is therefore a good start to your outdoor experience – but there are more smart tricks for sleeping well in the outdoors.

Check list for a good night's sleep:

• Much of the cold comes from the ground and a good ground pad is a must – or two if you are camping in the winter. The weight of your body compresses the underside of the sleeping bag, which means the insulation there is less effective.

• Sleep in a soft base layer if it is cold. Socks, gloves and a hat are also necessary. A lot of heat escapes through the head if it is not covered!

• Make sure your body is warm before you climb into your sleeping bag.Eat a snack and drink something warm before you go to bed. A short, brisk walk, vertical hops or squats will also raise the body's temperature.

• Put one or two warm water bottles in your sleeping bag. They will not only keep you warm, but they will also make it easy to quench your thirst if you wake up in the middle of the night. And when you wake up in the morning you will not need to leave the tent to get water for your breakfast porridge.

• Place a shell garment or a down jacket as an extra layer over your upper body on cold nights.

• A silk sleeping bag sheet raises the temperature level in the sleeping bag by a few degrees.

• Air your sleeping bag in the morning to remove the moisture your body generated during the night.

• Do not dry wet clothing in your sleeping bag.



• 地面是主要的寒氣來源,因此一定要有一個好的地墊,冬季露營甚至可以帶兩個地墊。身體的重量易使底下的睡袋塌陷,保暖效果相對較弱。

• 如果覺得冷,可以拿一件柔軟的保暖層衣服墊在下面。睡覺時記得穿襪子、戴手套和冷帽,頭部未包覆將流失大量熱能!

• 鑽進睡袋之前先暖一暖身子,吃點零食、喝點熱飲再去睡覺。輕快地走幾步路、垂直跳躍或蹲下,都有助於發熱。

• 放一兩瓶熱水瓶在睡袋裡,不僅可以保暖,半夜醒來也方便喝水。早上起床不用走出帳篷取水就可以泡麥片吃。

• 特別寒冷的夜裡,可以在身上多蓋一件外層衣服或羽絨外套。

• 絲質床單也可以使睡袋裡的溫度提升幾度。

• 早上起床後,把睡袋晾起來通風,排除昨夜身體產生的濕氣。

• 請勿把潮濕衣物放在睡袋裡面烘乾。

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