How to wax your G-1000 garments 如何為您的G-1000服飾上蠟

With Fjällräven’s Greenland Wax, you can easily adapt your G-1000 garments to suit different weather conditions and your intended activity level. More wax gives a more resistant garment that can withstand weather and wind. If you wash out the wax you get a cooler garment with maximum breathability.

G-1000 fabric is a classic element in Fjällräven’s clothing. The tight weave of 65% polyester and 35% cotton is windproof, fast drying and very hardwearing, and thanks to the Greenland Wax impregnation it is also water resistant and dirt repellent. Over time the wax washes out of the fabric and its water resistant properties become reduced. After two-three washes it can be time to renew the impregnation. This gives better protection against getting wet at the same time as it increases the durability and therefore the life of the garment.

Greenland Wax is made from paraffin and beeswax. A block of wax (100 g) is enough for about ten articles of clothing. A travel pack (23 g) is practical to have with you in case you want to re-impregnate a garment or part of a garment when out trekking. You can buy Greenland Wax from our webshop or any store where you can buy G-1000 products.

How to wax G-1000

1) Apply Take the block of Greenland Wax and rub it with long strokes against the fabric, leaving behind a thin, even layer. It’s a little like writing with chalk on a chalkboard. Make sure you cover all of the fabric well.

2) Melt Melt the wax into the fabric with an iron on low/moderate heat with no stream (remember to wipe off the iron before you use it on other garments). You can also use a hairdryer or the flame of a camping stove (see below). The wax melts at approximately 55-60°C (131-140°F).

Helpful hint! If you want to make the fabric even more water resistant, repeat the process several times rather than applying a single thick layer of wax. This is a good idea for exposed sections of the garment such as the hood and shoulders, knees and seat.

Note: G-1000 garments with down or synthetic padding and garments with Hydratic lining or a combination of fabrics need to be waxed with extra care.

Waxing outdoors using your outdoor stove

Once you have rubbed the wax onto the fabric, hold the garment a few decimetres above a steady, strong flame from your outdoor stove. Start further away and slowly move it closer until you see the wax starting to melt. Be careful not to burn the fabric and avoid having your arm or other part of your body inside the garment. Stretch out the fabric over the flame and move it back and forth until the wax has melted.

Waxing services in your store

At Fjällräven Brand Stores and other well-stocked outdoor stores you can find waxing stations where you can get help with waxing your G-1000 garments. .

善加利用Fjällräven的Greenland Wax蠟塊,可以輕鬆讓您的G-1000衣服適合各種天氣穿著,並能應付各種活動強度。多上一層蠟可以強化衣服的抗風雨能力,把蠟洗掉則可以增加透氣度,變成一件涼爽的服飾。

G-1000布料是Fjällräven服飾的經典元素,65%的聚酯纖維加上35%的棉料,緊密編織成一種防風快乾又超耐磨的布料,再配上Greenland Wax塗層,使其更具備抗潑水與防污的特性。防水蠟會隨時間於洗滌中流失,造成抗潑水特性減弱。洗滌兩三次之後,就該重新上蠟。這不僅有助於提升防水性,也能強化耐久性,延長衣服的使用壽命。

Greenland Wax是混合石蠟和蜜蠟所製成,一個蠟塊(100 克)約可塗抹10件衣服,隨身版(23 公克)適合隨身攜帶,以防行山時需要為衣服或局部位置重新上蠟。您可以到我們的網路商店購買Greenland Wax,或任何售賣G-1000商品的店面均有售。


1. 塗抹:取出Greenland Wax,以直劃的方式均勻地塗上薄薄的一層,類似拿粉筆寫黑板的動作。所有的布料都要均勻塗抹,不要遺漏。

2. 融合:利用低溫熨斗將蠟與布料融合(熨燙其他衣物前記得擦拭熨斗),此時請關閉蒸汽模式。也可以使用風筒或露營爐具的爐火(見以下說明)。大約50-60°C (131-140°F) 的溫度,蠟就會開始融化。







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