Lighter pack 輕裝

If you want to trek faster, or if you quite simply prefer not to carry a heavy pack, there are quite a few tricks you can use to lower the weight of your pack. The first step, of course, is only taking with you items you really need. A common mistake is to pack too many changes of clothing. Another unnecessary burden that many people carry is water! Since you can drink the water from Swedish mountain streams, you only need to carry a small cup to satisfy your thirst as needed.

The greatest weight savings are made on the heavier pieces of equipment. By choosing a lighter tent, sleeping bag and stove, you can shave off several kilos. This means that the few grams you will save by cutting off the handle of your toothbrush are not so important. With less, and lighter, equipment, you can also choose a smaller backpack, which will weigh less.

Here is a check list for lighter trekking

• Choose a lightweight down sleeping bag instead of a synthetic sleeping bag. It should still insulate down to -5° C.

• Bring a closed-cell plastic ground pad instead of an inflatable pad. It takes up more space but weighs less. Find a lightweight tent. If there are several of you, share a three- or four-man tent so the weight per person is less.

• Distribute the tent, poles, etc., among the group. Choose a thin, lightweight rain suit instead of a sturdy three-layer suit.

• If you are completely sure that your feet can spend long days in your boots without any problem, you can leave the sandals and athletic shoes at home.

• Choose a small propane gas burner that can be screwed directly onto the gas tube and an extremely light pot. But do not eliminate the lid - it cuts the cooking time almost in half.

• Only bring freeze-dried food.




• 選擇一款輕量的羽絨睡袋,不要用合成填充睡袋。應該能夠保暖到負5度的低溫。

• 攜帶微孔塑膠地墊,取代充氣式地墊。前者雖佔空間但較輕,如果數人同行,可以共用一個三人或四人帳幕,減輕每個人的背囊重量。

• 可以一群人分配攜帶帳篷、登山杖等裝備。選一套輕便的薄雨衣,取代厚重的三層布雨衣。

• 如果你有把握可以穿靴子活動好幾天,就不要多帶涼鞋或運動鞋了。

• 選用可以直接駁上氣喉的小型丙烷燃氣爐,並且攜帶最輕的鍋具。但是不要捨棄鍋蓋,它可以縮短將近一半的烹煮時間。

• 只攜帶冷凍乾燥食物。

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