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Övik Eco-Shell

Övik Eco-Shell

The new Övik Eco-Shell jacket will take you from the city to the forest and back - while keeping you dry all the way. Its PFC-free impregnation allows you to be outside in all kinds of weather, all while keeping a small environmental footprint.

新版的ÖvikEco-Shell外套將帶您從城市帶到森林 - 同時讓您一直保持乾爽。其無碳氟化合物浸漬(PFC-free)使您可以在各種天氣下外出,同時保持對環境較小影響。

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  1. Övik Eco-Shell Jacket

    Övik Eco-Shell Jacket

    Durable three-layer shell jacket in stretchy Eco-Shell for everyday use in changeable weat...