How Eco-Shell works Eco-Shell 的原理


A: The outer fabric made from recycled polyester is treated with a fluorocarbon-free impregnation that repels rain, water, sleet and snow from the face fabric.

B: The hydrophilic membrane that is the middle layer effectively stops any moisture from getting in from the outside, at the same time as it can transport moisture from the body out to the outer layer of the fabric where it evaporates. At the same time, the membrane is 100% windproof from the outside.

C: On 3-layer Eco-Shell, a thin polyester tricot lining on the inside of the membrane protects it and makes it soft and comfortable against the skin. This inner layer also helps initiate the transport of body moisture through the membrane.

D: The windproof outer fabric together with the membrane stops cold winds from getting through the fabric and cooling you down.

E: On 2.5 layer Eco-Shell, a coating on the inside of the membrane protects it from wear and makes the garment soft and comfortable against the skin.


A: 由再生聚酯纖維製成的外層布料採用無碳氟化合物浸漬處理,面料可防潑雨水,水,雪。

B: 作為中間層的吸水膜有效地阻止任何水分從外部進入,同時它可以將水分從身體輸送到布料外層以便蒸發。亦是100%防風。

C: 在三層Eco-Shell上,薄膜內側的薄聚酯纖維經編襯裡可以保護它,使其柔軟舒適。該內層還有助於揮發身體上的水分。

D: 防風外層布料與薄膜一起阻止冷風穿過布料並降溫。

E: 在2.5層Eco-Shell上,薄膜內側的塗層可防止磨損,使衣物柔軟舒適。