New York

Welcome to a piece of Swedish mind

Fjällräven has been at the epicenter of Swedish wildnerness know-how since the early 60’s. With iconic rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags, gear and legendary apparel – any item with the little curled up mountain fox as an emblem has for generations been considered the as real deal.

Now Fjällräven is on display in Manhattan. It’s a wilderness joyride where you are guided through our full range of summer and winter gear by our own well-trained staff.

Everything is comprehensively arranged, so you can navigate between pants, jackets, rucksacks, shirts, tents and much more. All divided into Trekking, Hunting and Outdoor, in order of activity and materials.

Most items are wholly or partially made from our own unique G-1000 fabric. This blend of breathing cotton and durable polyester is woven into our dna, and anyone who’s ever owned a Fjällräven has learned how to prolong the life of a product’s resistability by applying and re-applying the Greenland Wax over the years. Therefore, we have a designated Wax Station in the store, where professionals guide you through the waxing motions.

Please feel free to come by and enjoy a mind of its own.

How to get here:

Address: 38 Greene Street, 
New York, NY 10013

Telephone: 001 (646) 682 92 53