Tent accessories 帳篷配件

With Fjällräven’s practical tent accessories, you can customise your Fjällräven tent according to your own taste. If you will be pitching a tent on loose ground such as snow or sand, for example, you will need extra long, wide tent pegs. And if you know that you will be pitching on very hard or sharp ground and want an extra strong floor surface, you can buy a reinforcement. We have also produced a range of extra equipment shelves and pockets for those of you who like to keep things in order. They are easily fitted using specially prepared fasteners inside the tent.

使用Fjällräven的實用帳篷配件,您可以根據自己的需要建立您的Fjällräven帳篷。 例如,如果您將在鬆散的地面(例如雪或沙子)上搭帳篷,則需要特長而寬的帳篷釘。 如果您知道您將在非常堅硬或鋒利的地面上搭帳篷並想要一個更堅韌的底部,您可以加一塊地墊。 我們還為喜歡保持整齊的您製作了額外的口袋,使用帳篷內特製的繩索繋緊。

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