Sleeping bags 睡袋

A sleeping bag helps to keep you warm while you rest so that you can recover energy. Since the middle of the 1960s, Fjällräven has paved the way for more pleasant nights out in the open, and with a high level of comfort, sustainability, ingenious details and versatility, Fjällräven sleeping bags have been tested on countless expeditions and trips in the mountains, forests and alongside water. We offer not only lightweight summer sleeping bags with a small packing volume and well-insulated down sleeping bags for winter but also durable synthetic sleeping bags that can be used in humid environments. Together they cover the majority of needs from lightweight and packable when travelling, to warm and comfortable for trips in the mountains.

睡袋有助於在您休息時保持溫暖,這樣您就可以恢復體力。 自1960年代中期以來,Fjällräven為戶外露營製造具高舒適度,可持續性,多功能和巧妙的的睡袋,Fjällräven睡袋已經在無數的探險,山區旅行,森林和水流旁邊進行了測試。我們不僅提供輕便的夏季睡袋,保暖的冬季羽絨睡袋,還提供由合成填充物製成的耐用睡袋,可在潮濕的環境中使用。 輕便和易於攜帶的睡袋讓您在旅程中更舒適和保暖。

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