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Trekking tights 緊身褲

Fjällräven’s trekking tights are a welcome addition to Fjällräven’s trousers collection, and have been developed with high demands on durability, functionality and comfort - all to make trekking easier. If you want tights for more everyday activities, High Coast Tights are great. They have fewer pockets and reinforcements than our robust trekking tights.

Fjällräven的緊身褲在Fjällräven褲子系列是一個受歡迎的補充品,適合對耐用性,功能和舒適要求很高的您 - 使行山時活動變得更容易。 如果您想穿緊身褲進行日常活動,High Coast Tights最為合適。 它們比其他緊身褲較少口袋和較少加固部分。
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