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About Numbers

Exceptionally long lifespans and low environmental impact

In the early days of Fjällräven, all of our products were numbered. The Numbers Series reawakens this tradition and each product in the series is named based on how many predecessors it has.

For example, Jacket No.68 is the latest in a long line of functional and hardwearing outdoor jackets from Fjällräven, while Gaiter Trousers No.1 are the first trousers of their kind with an innovative gaiter function.

A sustainable system

Designed to be used as a system, each of the garments in the Numbers Series can be combined with others and adapted to suit an array of different uses, seasons and climates.

The collection builds on Fjällräven’s 50 years of experience in designing functional and durable outdoor clothing and equipment. Sustainability remains one of our guiding stars and all of our garments are designed to have exceptionally long lifespans and low environ- mental impact. For this reason we use G-1000® Eco, a hardwearing fabric made from recycled polyester and organic cotton.

Extra reinforcements in exposed areas help to increase each garment’s durability and every product is carefully designed and constructed so that after years of use, worn details can be replaced, increasing the garment’s lifespan.

Our commitment to sustainability means that products throughout the Numbersseries feature details made from reclaimed leather taken from Fjällräven Swedish belt factory. Each piece of vegetable-tanned leather can vary in colour and appearance, something which makes each garment in the Numbers series unique.

The production of the Numbers series is mostly carried out by several carefully selected suppliers in Europe. Not only does this reduce the level of transportation required and therefore the environmental impact, but it also means that we can ensure every process is completed to a high standard.

The result of all this is a series of durable and timeless garments that will accompany their owners on countless adventures for many years to come.