From Greenland to G-1000

An outdoor classic is born

In the 1960s, outdoor clothing was not as functional as it is today. Its shortcomings became clear during the Scandinavian Greenland Expedition of 1966 (for which Fjällräven supplied the backpacks and new revolutionary thermo tents). After returning home, the expedition members had in-depth discussions about outdoor equipment and clothing with Fjällräven’s founder Åke Nordin who then started thinking about producing a jacket and pair of trousers for outdoor use.

A ski jumper’s trick

Åke made a climbing jacket from a specially developed fabric that had proven to be too heavy for his lightweight tents – this was the very first Fjällräven garment. The jacket was tested when trekking in the mountains and the fabric had exactly the properties that Åke was looking for in outdoor clothing; it was light, very strong and it dried fast. The only improvement needed was the fabric’s ability to resist moisture. Åke remembered how as a boy together with friends at the ski jump in his hometown of Örnsköldsvik, he had taken to not only waxing his skis for a better glide but he had also “waxed” the seat of his pants to keep himself dry.

Åke experimented with a mixture of beeswax and paraffin that he applied to the fabric with the help of his wife’s hairdryer. And it worked – the wax made the fabric both water resistant, windproof and even more durable.

G-1000 and the Greenland Jacket

One of the outdoor world’s most durable fabrics was born. Åke named it G-1000, the G being for Greenland. The wax was named Greenland Wax and the jacket was launched in 1968 as Greenland Jacket – a favourite in outdoor wardrobes still today.

A modern functional fabric

Over half a century after Åke Nordin designed the Greenland Jacket, G-1000 fabric and Greenland Wax are more appreciated than ever. A good example is our technical trekking garments Keb Trousers and Keb Jacket that were awarded with international prizes for both functionality and their environmental qualities.

In the true spirit of Åke, Fjällräven has continued to develop the fabric, which is now available in several versions;. All share the benefits of the original, but each has its own own specific properties as well.


1960年代戶外服飾的功能性不及現在。1966年斯堪的納維亞的格林蘭探險(該活動由Fjällräven提供背囊和革命性的隔熱帳篷)完全暴露了當時戶外服飾的缺點。探險隊員回來之後與Fjällräven創始人Åke Nordin會面,深度檢討了戶外裝備和服飾,於是Åke Nordin開始思考要生產戶外專用的外套和長褲。



G-1000 布料和 Greenland 系列外套

戶外運動界最耐用的其中一種布料誕生,Åke將之命名為G-1000,G代表Greenland。這種蠟被稱為Greenland Wax,這款外套在1968年以Greenland Jacket之名推出,直到今日還是戶外服裝界的寵兒。


距離Åke Nordin設計出Greenland外套半個世紀之後,G-1000布料和Greenland Wax比以往更受推崇。我們的科技行山服飾Keb TrousersKeb Jacket以其功能性與環保特質,獲得國際獎項的肯定,就是最佳的證明。


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