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Art that highlights the depth of the ocean plastic problem.


Due to a deep concern for the health of our oceans, Swedish illustrator and animator Linn Fritz took the opportunity to design the pattern for the Kånken Art ’21. Her aim: help raise awareness around the problem of plastic waste and our oceans.

由於對海洋健康議題的深切關注,瑞典插畫家和動畫師 Linn Fritz 藉此機會為 Kånken Art "21 設計了相關圖案。她的目標是:提高人們對塑料垃圾和海洋問題的意識。


About 71% of the earth"s surface is covered by oceans. They produce over half of the oxygen on our planet and are home to over one million species of animals and even more plants. They are also the key regulators of the climate.


It is safe to say that every living thing on Earth is dependent on the health of our oceans, but tragically estimates indicate that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish. That is unless we seriously change our habits and the way we handle our waste.


We share a strong value: that our future and the future of nature are intertwined. Therefore, we need to take care of it better. We need to value what we have before it’s too late.”
Linn Fritz, Illustrator and Animator

Linn Fritz 瑞典插畫家和動畫師

The 2021 edition of Kånken Art aims to increase awareness around these problems, and also hopes to inspire change. After two successful annual releases, Kånken Art ’21 is the third edition and has a clear mission to draw attention to the problem of ocean plastics.

2021版的Kånken Art 目標是提高人們對於環境議題的認識,同時希望激勵人們做出改變。繼前兩年推出的Kånken Art 獲得廣大迴響後,第三版的 Kånken Art 的任務是吸引民眾關注海洋塑料的問題。

Launching on June 8, 2021, which happens to be World Ocean Day, the Kånken Art ’21 products will feature a design in two colour palettes: Ocean Surface and Ocean Deep. The unique twist was developed by Swedish illustrator and animator Linn Fritz, who took the opportunity to work with Fjällräven in order to help generate more attention about plastic waste and the health of our oceans.

Kånken Art 將於2021年6月8日世界海洋日上市,今年的設計採用兩種配色:海洋表面(Ocean Surface)和海洋深處(Ocean Deep)。獨特的色塊和圖案是由瑞典插畫家及動畫家 Linn Fritz 所設計,藉由與Fjällräven合作的機會,為提高民眾對塑膠垃圾和海洋健康議題貢獻一己之力。

“I feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity to create an art pattern for Kånken that so many people will be able to see. I wanted to bring some awareness to one of the biggest concerns facing our oceans and our planet today, and therefore my Kånken Art became an abstract pattern inspired by pieces of plastic.”

『能有這個機會為Kånken設計圖案,讓這麼多人可以看到,我真的非常榮幸。我希望能讓人們意識到我們的海洋和地球所面臨的一大擔憂,所以我以塑膠碎片為靈感,為Kånken Art 設計出這次的作品。』

Linn grew up in the northern countryside of Sweden, just outside of Sundsvall, where she spent a lot of time in nature. She loves spending time outdoors with a very active lifestyle, including swimming, fishing, hiking and skiing with her family and friends. As she says, “Being outside in nature is a break from everyday life. It helps me to relax, clear my head and find inspiration for work”.


Today Linn lives in the UK, and she is also very fond of the nature there: “The UK has incredibly beautiful nature that feels very similar to Sweden. Living in London, I do not spend as much time in nature as I would ideally like to, but that has definitely made me appreciate it so much more”.


Specifically, Linn lives in East London where she works independently, creating clean and precise imagery for a wide range of commercial clients. She is also co-founder of Panimation, which is, “a community of equality-driven women, trans, and non-binary friends aiming to connect and support each other within the gaming industry”.


In London, Linn mainly works as a digital artist with a lot of quick turnaround projects and tight deadlines. Working with Fjällräven on Kånken Art ’21 however, was not a typical project. In fact, it was a partnership with perfectly aligned beliefs. “We share a strong value: that our future and the future of nature are intertwined. Therefore, we need to take care of it better. We need to value what we have before it’s too late.”

在倫敦,Linn主要從事數位插畫,每個案子都必須快速處理,截稿時間緊迫。然而,和Fjällräven 合作 Kanken Art 的夥伴情誼是特別的,為著共同的理念目標而努力。『我們都有一個強烈的價值信念:我們的未來與大自然的未來脣齒相依。因此我們必須更加愛護它,珍視我們所擁有的,不要等到失去才後悔莫及。』

The partnership with Fjällräven also allowed Linn to work more methodically and explore new creative horizons. As she describes it, “From the very first introduction email … we have always had an easy-going and friendly relationship. It’s been a very pleasant journey to develop this artwork together with someone that listens, understands and explains their feedback in a very beneficial way”.

與 Fjällräven 的合作讓 Linn 能夠有條不紊地從不同的視角發展新的創意。正如她所描述的,『從收到他們寄來的第一封介紹信開始,我和 Fjällräven 就一直維持一個友好自在的關係。能夠和一個願意傾聽、理解,並以有益的方式回饋自然環境的對象(Fjällräven)一起創作這個作品,是趟非常愉快的旅程。』

The Kånken Art ’21 project was also differentiated from Linn’s usual workflow in that it was the first time she created a graphic design for something that would be printed on a product.

Kånken Art ’21的工作流程有別於Linn以往接手的工作,這是她第一次設計要印在商品上的作品。

“For this project, I worked a little bit differently, using cut-out plastics as a reference, rather than people. I sketched using Photoshop before finalising the pattern in Illustrator. I had a generous timeline of about two months, which allowed me to revisit old sketches and rediscover new ideas. It also allowed me to step back, breathe, and shift my focus onto something else, before coming back to the pattern with fresh eyes.”


The result was two variations of the pattern. Ocean Surface has a light blue background with white and pink “plastic” shapes strewn throughout. Ocean Deep features a dark blue background with lighter blue shapes.

最終的成品有兩個版本的圖案。海洋表面(Ocean Surface)以淺藍為背景,並以象徵塑膠片的白色、粉色色塊散落其中。海洋深處(Ocean Deep)則以深藍為背景,搭配淺藍的色塊。


“I wanted to bring some awareness to one of the biggest concerns facing our oceans and our planet today, and therefore my Kånken Art became an abstract pattern inspired by pieces of plastic.”
Linn Fritz, Illustrator and Animator

『我希望能讓大家意識到我們的海洋和地球所面臨的一大衝擊,所以我以塑膠碎片為靈感,為Kånken Art設計出這次的作品。』
Linn Fritz / 瑞典插畫家和動畫師


Linn found her inspiration and motivation from nature. Or, rather, the challenges it faces.


“Nature is not always that easily accessible when living in a city. I try to visit the seaside in the south of England as often as I can, which is a place where you can see a lot of destruction.

The way the small pieces of colourful toxic plastic are floating around in our blue oceans made me become aware of the fact that we are slowly killing the oceans. And the fact that plastic degrades so slowly, over hundreds and thousands of years, made me realise that I wanted to bring more awareness and create a pattern around this important topic. So, my Kånken became an abstract pattern inspired by pieces of plastic. It is a gentle reminder for people of the problem every time they see the bag.”

生活在城市中,自然並不總是那麼容易親近,我儘可能地前往英格蘭南部的海岸,在那裡你可以看到許多五顏六色、有毒的塑料漂浮在藍色的海洋中,塑料的降解如此地緩慢,需要歷時數百年、甚至數千年。這讓我意識到我們正緩慢地殺死海洋這一事實,也啟發了我以塑料作為Kånken Art 的設計圖案,希望提高人們的意識,每當人們看到這個背包時,它都會溫柔地提醒人們關注海洋的議題。

As you can imagine, seeing the Kånken products with her pattern printed on it for the first time gave her a great sense of accomplishment. A feeling that was enhanced knowing that with Kånken Art ’21, Fjällräven will team up with organisations like The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and The 2 Minute Foundation to create awareness around ocean plastics.

你可以想見,第一次看到印有自己設計圖案的 Kånken 成品,知道Fjällräven 透過 Kånken Art "21與像是The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics 和 The 2 Minute Foundation 這類組織合作,以提高人們對海洋塑料的認識,讓她十分有成就感。

“I hope Fjällräven will continue to use this platform for good and create awareness for different environmental causes in the future.”

我希望未來 Fjällräven 能持續利用這個公益平臺,喚起大家對不同環境議題的關注。

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