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/ Linn Fritz - Illustrator, Animator, and Designer of Kånken Art 2021 /

Fjällräven is proud to collaborate with talented Swedish illustrator and animator Linn Fritz for Kånken Art "21. Linn grew up in the northern countryside of Sweden, just outside of Sundsvall. Today she lives in East London where she works independently, creating clean and precise imagery for a wide range of commercial clients. She is also co-founder of Panimation, which is, “a community of equality-driven women, trans, and non-binary friends aiming to connect and support each other within the gaming industry”.

Fjällräven很自豪能與優秀的瑞典插畫家及動畫家Linn Fritz合作Kånken Art "21。Linn在瑞典北部Sundsvall外圍的鄉間長大,現居於倫敦東區,為獨立工作者,替廣大的商業客戶創作乾淨清晰的影像。她也是Panimation的共同創辦人,Panimation是「一個由受到平等驅動的女性、跨性別、非二元性別朋友組成的社群,目的是在遊戲產業中互相聯繫和支持」。

What was the concept behind your design?

I feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity to create an art pattern for Kånken that so many people will be able to see. I wanted to bring some awareness to one of the biggest concerns facing our oceans and our planet today and therefore, my Kånken Art became an abstract pattern inspired by pieces of plastic.

能有這個機會替Kånken包設計圖案,讓這麼多人可以看到,我真的非常榮幸。我希望能讓大家意識到我們的海洋和地球所面臨的一大衝擊,所以我以塑膠碎片為靈感,為Kånken Art設計出這次的作品。

Please describe the Kånken Art design process. Was it different from your everyday work?

I mainly work as a digital artist, with quick turnaround pro- jects and tight deadlines. For this project, I worked a little bit differently, using cut-out plastics as a reference, rather than people. I sketched using Photoshop before finalizing the pattern in Illustrator. I had a generous timeline of about two months, which allowed me to revisit old sketches and rediscover new ideas. It also allowed me to step back, breathe, and shift my focus onto something else, before coming back to the pattern with fresh eyes.


Was there anything especially rewarding or challenging about the project? What do you hope can be achieved with Kånken Art 21?

This project was challenging as it was my first time creating something that would be printed on a product. I felt such a huge sense of reward the first time I got to see the bag with my pattern printed on it, and it feels even more special knowing that Fjällräven will team up with organizations in order to create awareness around ocean plastics. I hope Fjällräven will continue to use this platform for good and create awareness for different environments.


How would you describe the collaboration?

From their very first introduction email I have always had an easy-going and friendly relationship with Fjällräven. It’s been a very pleasant journey to develop this artwork together with someone that listens, understands and explains their feedback in a very beneficial way.

We share a strong value: that our future and the future of nature are intertwined. Therefore, we need to take care of it better. We need to value what we have before it’s too late.



Are you an outdoor enthusiast?

I love spending time in the outdoors , which stems from growing up in the countryside with a very active lifestyle, including swimming, fishing, hiking, and skiing with my family and friends. Being outside in nature is a break from everyday life. It helps me to relax, clear my head and find inspiration for work. The UK has incredibly beautiful nature that feels very similar to Sweden. Living in London, I do not spend as much time in nature as I would ideally like to, but that has definitely made me appreciate it so much more.


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