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Save the Arctic Fox

We want to see more arctic foxes in the Scandinavian mountains

The arctic fox, or Vulpes lagopus as it is called in Latin, is one of Scandinavia’s original inhabitants – it has been found here since the inland ice first began to recede. The arctic fox is unfortunately under severe threat of extinction in Scandinavia and Finland due to overhunting for its beautiful fur coat at the beginning of last century. Despite the arctic fox becoming a protected species in 1928 in Sweden and 1930 in Norway, the population has had a difficult time recovering. The primary reasons for this include insufficient access to food and competition from the red fox which is pushing the arctic fox away from its natural habitat. Climate change, with its shorter and milder winters, also affects living conditions.

Funding for research and conservation measures

Anders Angerbjörn is an arctic fox expert, professor and researcher at Stockholm University. He believes that the number of arctic foxes in the mountains could be doubled with the right measures. Today, there are between 130 and 200 adult individuals, but for a species to be considered stable, approximately 500 adults are required.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Fjällräven has been cooperating with Anders Angerbjörn in a number of different arctic fox projects. We help spread information, supply equipment and donate money to research and food supplementation. In 2010, Anders Angerbjörn was awarded with our Golden Fox Award for his enduring and crucial work.

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